Issue 571
June 2019 to July 2019

Be Regionable: An Urbanist Poster Campaign

One of the goals of the SPUR Regional Strategy is to help the citizens of the Bay Area to think regionally. So we partnered with TBD* at California College of the Arts, a student-run design studio, to create a series of posters that would inspire people to feel passionately about not just the city they live in but the region we’re all a part of. Read More »

In Pursuit of a Seamless Transit System

What if all transit agencies could provide a great customer experience?
Two new SPUR white papers offer recommendations for an easier-to-use transit map and the implementation of coordinated regional fares. Read More »

Giving Old Infrastructure New Life

What networked rail could mean for the Northern California megaregion.
A fast, frequent megaregional rail network could be transformative for the Bay Area and Northern California. As part of the SPUR Regional Strategy, we are working to identify some of the major changes needed to implement this vision. Read More »

Urban Field Notes: In Search of the Superblock

In Barcelona, the conventional city block is transformed. 
Superblocks (superilles) are designs for a small grid of city streets that prioritize the pedestrian, prohibiting through-traffic and only allowing car access if the driver needs to visit a building located within the zone and at a limited speed. Read More »

Member Profile: Diane Filippi

Bay Area urbanism may have no better booster.
Anyone who meets Diane Filippi will quickly discover she is a force of nature. As the SPUR Urban Center building celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we wanted to check in with her as she was essential to the project’s success. Read More »

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