San Francisco November 2019 Voter Guide

Voter Guide November 2019
Six city propositions appear on the San Francisco ballot on November 5, 2019. SPUR provides in-depth analysis and recommendations on each one.

Four Trends Shaping the Future of Downtown San Jose

News October 16, 2019
San Jose — long known as the bedroom community for Silicon Valley — has struggled to grow its job base. But four new trends in downtown development may be about to change that. In 2014, SPUR made recommendations for how to encourage growth downtown. Five years later, we are seeing these ideas unfold — with positive indications for San Jose’s financial footing.

How Oakland’s Housing Boom Can Help Prevent Displacement

News September 30, 2019
Oakland’s annual rent increase has slowed dramatically as the amount of new housing has skyrocketed. Some developers are even offering free rent to lure prospective tenants. This is welcome news for renters who can afford market-rate rents, but the benefits are not limited to them. New research demonstrates that construction of market-rate housing can have positive effects for those who already live in the neighborhood.

It’s Time to Think Bigger About the Future of Caltrain

News September 26, 2019
As Silicon Valley’s economy and population grow, the Peninsula is in dire need of transportation solutions. Caltrain has the potential to provide frequent, all-day transit service that could greatly reduce driving and serve more people. To deliver on this service vision, Caltrain must also develop a bigger organizational vision. One that enables it to meet the needs — and challenges — of the future.

Water on All Sides

Urbanist Article September 23, 2019
Formidable challenges aren’t keeping Miami from taking bold action against climate change.

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