transect diagram of a shoreline community with groundwater underneath the soil

Look Out Below

Reducing the risk of groundwater rise in Bay shore cities

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Closing the Electrification Affordability Gap

Planning an equitable transition away from fossil fuel heat in Bay Area buildings

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Structured for Success

Reforming housing governance in California and the Bay Area

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The 15-Minute Neighborhood

A framework for equitable growth and complete communities in San José and beyond

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Office-to-Residential Conversion in Downtown SF

Can converting office space to housing help revitalize downtown?

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The 2024 SPUR Annual Report

Celebrating our big wins of the past year

Senators Put Pause on Bill to Authorize a Regional Measure to Fund Transit

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A bill that would have authorized the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to place a regional transportation revenue measure on the ballot in 2026 has been paused, bringing the prospect of severe transit cuts ever closer. SPUR supports a recently announced effort by MTC to identify a path to a new bill that would be introduced in the 2025 legislative session.

The Climate Threat Beneath Our Feet and What Policymakers Can Do About It: Q&A With Sarah Atkinson

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Bay Area residents are keenly aware of the threat of sea level rise as the planet warms — but most of us know far less about the impacts of groundwater rise. In the Bay Area, those impacts will be felt long before sea level rise causes overland flooding. That’s one of the takeaways of a new SPUR case study that examines how one Bay Area community, East Palo Alto, would likely be affected in the absence of adaptation efforts.

Rethinking Revenue: Business Tax Reform in San Francisco in the Era of Remote Work

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The rise of remote work and other economic changes have exposed vulnerabilities in San Francisco’s business tax structure. The city’s controller and treasurer have studied potential tax reform recommendations for a possible November 2024 ballot measure. Their proposal aims to increase the city’s economic resilience, create more transparency for taxpayers, and help struggling small businesses.

Look Out Below

SPUR Report
Bay Area cities planning for sea level rise need to address another emerging hazard: groundwater rise. SPUR partnered with community-based organization Nuestra Casa to investigate how rising groundwater is likely to affect one Bay Area city: East Palo Alto. Our case study explains specific risks and offers five recommendations — all applicable to other vulnerable communities along the San Francisco Bay shore.

SFMTA Board Chair and Muni Fan Amanda Eaken on Making San Francisco Streets Safer and More Welcoming

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Traversing city streets on foot or by bike can be a hair-raising experience. Ten years ago, San Francisco launched Vision Zero to take the scary out and put the convenience in when it comes to moving around without a car. Since then, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has made streets a more welcoming place, but challenges remain. We asked SFMTA Board Chair Amanda Eaken about changes she’d like to see and how residents can more effectively advocate for safer streets.