Four Goals Cities Should Keep in Mind When Planning for Shared E-Scooters and Bikes

News March 7, 2019
The success of e-scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles has created challenges over safety and the allocation of street and sidewalk space. SPUR believes micro-mobility vehicles can relieve congestion and help cities reduce carbon emissions. As cities look for ways to better balance their rise, new regulations should focus on four objectives that will promote their use while keeping cities safe and welcoming for everyone.

How Much Housing Should the Bay Area Have Built to Avoid the Current Housing Crisis?

News February 21, 2019
One of the key causes cited for the Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis is that demand for housing continually outstrips the available supply. If only the region had built more housing, extreme competition for a limited number of units wouldn’t be driving prices so high. How much housing should the region have built? SPUR presents new data to answer this question.

San Jose Makes a Bold Move to Realize Its Climate Smart Goals

News February 13, 2019
Since launching Climate Smart San Jose in February 2018, the City of San Jose has been leading the charge to reduce air pollution, conserve water, and create a stronger and healthier community. Recognizing that all sectors need to help meet these goals, city staff proposed an ordinance that would increase commercial building energy efficiency through a transparent open-data benchmarking tool. SPUR strongly supports the ordinance.

Did the Bay Area Reach a “Grand Bargain” to Solve Housing?

News January 31, 2019
The Bay Area’s housing shortage and affordability crisis is arguably the greatest threat to its future. In January, the region took an important step forward with the endorsement of the CASA Compact, a grand bargain among dozens of governments and organizations to arrive at real solutions.

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