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June 2022 SPUR Voter Guide

See our ballot recommendations for San Francisco, San José and Oakland

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Different Together

The 2022 State of SPUR Address

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The SPUR 2022 Annual Report

A look back at our accomplishments this year

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A Parkway for the People

Celebrating the completion of the epic, 31-year Presidio Parkway project

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Taking Aim at San Francisco’s Housing Shortage

SPUR and partners propose a ballot measure to encourage new affordable housing

Regional Strategy 2021

Welcome to 2070

The SPUR Regional Strategy has landed

June 2022 Voter Guide

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SPUR analyzed all local and state measures on the San Francisco, San José and Oakland ballots for the June 2022 election. Our analysis includes the background behind the measures, pros and cons, and a recommendation on how to vote.

Staff Profile: Karen Steen, 11-year Spurrito

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This year, SPUR is celebrating staff members — a.k.a. “Spurritos”— who have served the organization for 10 years or more. This month we profile Communications Director Karen Steen, who oversees SPUR’s communications, messaging and publications while also maintaining SPUR’s brand across the region. Karen is responsible for ensuring the high quality of SPUR’s publications.

How Cities Can Make the Most of California’s High-Speed Rail Investment

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Over the summer and fall of 2021, SPUR and the California High-Speed Rail Authority produced a series of webinars to help cities make the most of high-speed rail stations and station areas. We’ve gathered some of the key themes and best practices we learned about, along with the concrete steps station cities and the authority can take to get the most from this generational investment.

SPUR’s Vision for a San Francisco That Welcomes Everyone

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Incoming San Francisco Director Sujata Srivastava shares her goals and vision for SPUR’s work in San Francisco. She encourages us to let go of false narratives that urban development is a zero-sum game and instead embrace a mindset of abundance, where the city welcomes new growth, builds much-needed housing and closes the racial wealth gap. Through sustained dialogue and civic engagement, we can begin to build a sense of belonging and develop a policy agenda that leads to systemic change.

Setting California’s Clean Appliance Timeline

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California has set out to be carbon-neutral by 2045. To help meet this goal, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has proposed deadlines for ending the sale of gas furnaces, boilers and water heaters — but are they soon enough? SPUR’s research found that the proposed dates would transition roughly 90% of households to electric appliances by 2045. But to fully meet its climate goals, California will need to pair new sales standards with substantial incentives.