San Francisco November 2020 Voter Guide

Voter Guide November 2020
The roll out of our voter guides begins with local San Francisco measures. We’ll complete our ballot research by October 6. Check back for our analysis of San José, Oakland, state and regional measures.

Why the Bay Area Struggles with Transit Project Delivery, and How to Fix It

News September 29, 2020
The Bay Area has underinvested in transit for decades. Today, in the midst of a pandemic, it’s hard to imagine how the region will catch up: Our major transit projects regularly take decades to build and rank among the most expensive in the world. SPUR’s latest report offers three big ideas for delivering transit projects in less time,for less money and with better public value.

More for Less

SPUR Report September 29, 2020
Around the world, building major transit projects is notoriously difficult. Yet the Bay Area has an especially poor track record: Major projects here take decades from start to finish, and our project costs rank among the highest in the world. SPUR offers policy proposals that will save time, save money and add up to a reliable, integrated and frequent network that works better for everyone.

Infrastructure Bay Area

SPUR Report September 29, 2020
SPUR’s report More for Less examines how the Bay Area can reverse its poor track record of delivering large, complex public transit projects on time, on budget and without major defect. This companion report details one of our most significant recommendations: to establish Infrastructure Bay Area, a specialized entity that would lead the procurement and delivery of all the region’s major transit projects.

Six Ways to Better Deliver Benefits and Feed Hungry Californians

News September 23, 2020
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, social service agencies have been under-resourced and ill-prepared to deal with the huge surge of people seeking help to meet their basic needs. SPUR offers six ways the state can improve the benefits process and help Californians get the food assistance and other services they need.

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