The Politics of Potholes in Oakland: Fairness, Equity, City Budgets and the Public Good

News April 18, 2019
In recent weeks the Oakland Department of Transportation has begun publicizing its new $100 million, three-year paving plan. Ordinarily a plan that triples annual spending would meet with universal acclaim. But this plan — which incorporates equity in deciding how to spend money on paving streets — has some parts of town happy and other parts up in arms.

Re-Envisioning the Guadalupe River Park

White Paper April 18, 2019
From New York City’s High Line to Atlanta’s BeltLine, communities across the country are transforming underutilized infrastructure into engaging public spaces. Building on this national momentum, SPUR has launched a project to reconsider the Guadalupe River Park, an underappreciated gem in downtown San Jose.

Big Win: A Taller Skyline for San Jose

News March 27, 2019
For years, people have asked why downtown San Jose’s skyline is so … diminutive. This month, the city made a big decision that will finally allow its downtown to grow upward: Changing flight paths at Mineta San Jose Airport will allow taller buildings — meaning more jobs and housing near transit.

Expanding What Is Possible: A Vision for SPUR’s Next Era

News March 25, 2019
In her first address to the SPUR Board of Directors and staff, incoming President and CEO Alicia John-Baptiste shared her vision for the next era of SPUR's growth as an organization and how we can create sustainable change by expanding what people believe is possible.

Six Ways Oakland Should Take the Long View for Its Downtown Plan

News March 25, 2019
SPUR has been advocating for comprehensive, visionary and ambitious Downtown Oakland Specific Plan ever since we published our Downtown for Everyone report in 2015. After many years of work, the City of Oakland has released a preliminary draft of that plan. SPUR offers suggestions to help realize a vision and strategy for building a true downtown for everyone.

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