From Copenhagen to Tokyo

SPUR Report August 6, 2020
Different countries have vastly different ways of organizing their housing policies and real estate markets. Could some of them hold solutions to the Bay Area’s housing crisis? To find out, SPUR and AECOM explored housing delivery in Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Singapore. Each has a compelling and noteworthy approach that could inform future policy innovation in the Bay Area.

SPUR Co-Sponsors Bill to Make Sustainable Transportation an Essential Part of California’s Recovery

News August 5, 2020
Senate Bill 288, co-sponsored by SPUR, aims to accelerate sustainable transportation projects and jumpstart a green recovery, creating jobs and reviving local economies while improving public health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. California can get projects — and jobs — going by taking a hard look at the regulatory processes that slow down, stop or increase the cost of sustainable transportation projects.

SPUR 2020 Annual Report

Annual Report 2020

Once a year, SPUR looks back on the accomplishments of the past 12 months. This time, it’s a bittersweet reflection. We’re exceedingly proud of all that we got done in 2019. But we know it’s a fraction of what will be needed going forward as Bay Area communities struggle to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and begin to address the systemic racism that has shaped the region.

Six Global Lessons in Transit Recovery

News July 22, 2020
Transit agencies around the world are facing a shared existential crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. When can mass transit be “mass” again? This spring, SPUR and AECOM convened transit agencies, advocates and practitioners to explore solutions and share lessons learned. Six ideas emerged that transit agencies in the Bay Area should consider as they continue to navigate this crisis.

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