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Advance a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Bay Area in which all people thrive.



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What would it look like to solve the housing shortage, make transformative investments in transportation, tackle climate change and use the region’s prosperity for the benefit of all?

SPUR members support a New Civic Vision for what the Bay Area could become if we work together to address these pressing challenges.

Join a community of thousands of individuals who care about the future of the Bay Area.

SPUR membership offers opportunities to network, learn and participate in discussions on important issues. Learn more about levels and benefits  

Levels and Benefits


Your SPUR membership:

  • Keeps SPUR’s policy research accessible to all
  • Makes our education programs free for everyone
  • Empowers advocacy for equitable solutions to the region’s most pressing issues
  • Makes the SPUR Voter Guide available across the Bay Area


All SPUR memberships include access to uniquely curated members-only events and SPUR's magazine, The Urbanist.

Every dollar supports work toward a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Bay Area. SPUR welcomes donations of any amount. Give a gift at the level that’s meaningful to you.

  Yearly Monthly
Standard $75+ $10
Advocate $250+ $25
Planner $500+ $45
Urban Leader $1,000+ $85
Benefactor $10,000+
President's Circle $25,000

Become a SPUR Visionary to sustain our work through recurring monthly or annual contributions.


SPUR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax ID# 94-1498232. Membership contributions to SPUR are tax deductible over and above $75 per membership.


SPUR Visionaries


Become a SPUR Visionary

Imagine a Bay Area where all people have safe, affordable housing and participate meaningfully in the economy. Where diverse, inclusive communities connect seamlessly, and natural ecosystems thrive. SPUR’s Regional Strategy proposes steps to get there, but making it happen will take time — and sustained commitment from members like you.

SPUR Visionaries contribute to these goals over the long term through automatically recurring contributions on a monthly or annual basis.

As an added benefit, it's also more environmentally sustainable as you won't receive mailed renewal requests.

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Artwork by Nimah Gobir
Artwork by Nimah Gobir

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You Make Change Possible

SPUR members have a lot to be proud of. Together we pass affordable housing legislation, expand access to healthy food, eliminate inequitable fines and fees, make sustainable transportation projects faster to build, and so much more.


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SPUR members

SPUR Members


SPUR members