Issue 492

June 2010 Voter Guide

Analysis and recommendations for the June 2010 ballot

Voter Guide
SPUR's June 2010 Ballot Analysis was reviewed, debated and adopted as official SPUR policy by the SPUR Board of Directors on March 17 and April 21, 2010. It is the product of the SPUR Ballot Analysis Committee and several staff members and volunteers, all listed below.

Committee: Emilio Cruz, Mike Ege, Aaron Foxworthy, Robert Gamble, Sacha Ielmorini, William Maher, Corey Marshall, Dave Massen, Bree Mawhorter, Peter Mezey, Dick Morten, Tomiquia Moss, Deborah Quick, Victor Seeto, Mark Sole, Raphael Sperry, Peter Winkelstein, Howard Wong, Chris Wright

Ballot Analysis Intern: Ross Nakasone

SPUR staff: Virginia Grandi, Sarah Karlinsky, Gabriel Metcalf, Laura Tam, Egon Terplan