SPUR Ballot Recommendations, Now in Haiku!

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This November, Bay Area voters will wade through dozens of ballot measures. As usual, SPUR has conducted in-depth analysis and made recommendations on all local measures in San Francisco — and this year we’re endorsing several in San Jose and Oakland, as well as a cross-county measure.

Researching and debating 30 ballot proposals generated a veritable mountain of analysis. To simplify the results, we’ve distilled our recommendations into verse. For your enjoyment, we present #VoterHaiku. (With special thanks to Damian Carroll who pioneered #haikutheprops for California state ballot measures.)

Follow the links below to read our complete analysis and recommendations.


Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties


BART packed like sardines.

Trains and tracks are getting old.

Now’s the time: invest.


San Jose

YES ON A: Santa Clara County Housing Bond

Solving homelessness —

not easy, but maybe just

start with building homes.


YES ON B: VTA Sales Tax

A calmer commute

for all: roads, bikes, downtown BART.

Just a half-cent more.


YES ON G: Business Tax Modernization

Raise the business tax

so San Jose can invest

in smart policy.



YES ON A1: Alameda County Housing Bond

Oakland! We love you!

Let’s build the affordable

housing we all need.


YES ON KK: Oakland Infrastructure Bond

Let’s try to prepare

a sustainable future

as we grow the Town.


San Francisco

YES ON A: School Bond

Our schools teach our kids.

They’re our future, after all.

So let’s fund them well.


YES ON B: City College Parcel Tax

It’s been rough, but

City College is on the rise.

Help our students thrive!


YES ON C: Housing Loan Program

Rehab housing with

underused earthquake money:

Smart idea — yes.


NO ON D: Vacancy Appointments

Political grudge —

not the best reason to

limit mayor's power.


YES ON E: Street Trees

Trees and sidewalks do

a lot for us. The city

should keep them healthy.


YES ON F: Local Voting Age

Let the youth vote!

They have to live the longest

with our choices.


YES ON G: Police Oversight

Yes to independence

for investigators of

police misconduct.


NO ON H: Public Advocate

Who are electeds

if not public advocates?

Do we need one more?


NO ON I: Dignity Fund

Special fund for seniors

but what will it take away from?

Please budget for all!


YES ON J: Dedicating the Prop. K Sales Tax

A city with so much

shouldn’t ignore homelessness

or those who ride the bus.


YES ON K: Sales Tax for Transportation and Homelessness

Why renew this tax?

Homelessness, potholes, Muni.

K funds Prop. J’s dreams.


NO ON L: MTA Board and Budget

When have politics

ever made Muni better?

Keep ’em off the bus.


NO ON M: Housing and Development Commission

A bold power grab

designed to keep the mayor

from getting stuff done.


YES ON N: Noncitizen Voting

Parents of all types

should be allowed to vote for

SF Board of Ed.


YES ON O: Bayview Office Development

We don’t think Prop. M

was meant to keep jobs away

from poor neighborhoods.


NO ON P: Competitive Bidding

Nonprofits, compete!

When they already have to,

what are we solving?


No Recommendation on Q: Tent Encampments

Tents on the sidewalk:

Nuisance? Necessity?

We’re not sure Q helps.


NO ON R: Neighborhood Crime Unit

This is a good plan

but it does not need a vote.

Keep the ballot clean.


No Recommendation on S: Allocating the Hotel Tax

Money for the arts:

They would get it anyway

but this locks it in.


NO ON T: Lobbyists Gifts and Reporting

Stopping twenty-five-

dollar gifts won’t get money

out of politics.


NO ON U: Affordable Housing Eligibility

Housing: Who is it for?

A good policy question,

but not for the ballot.


YES ON V: Soda Tax

One penny per ounce —

a tax on sugary drinks.

Better public health.


NO ON W: Transfer Tax

Let’s not depend on

a volatile income source

to fund ongoing needs.


NO ON X: Manufacturing and Arts Space

Ballot box zoning

won't actually preserve

jobs or artists’ space.


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*Thanks to Noah Christman, Kathryn Exon Smith, Benjamin Grant, Alicia John-Baptiste, Sarah Karlinsky, Alyssa Kies, Susannah Parsons, Karen Steen, Laura Tolkoff, Kristy Wang, Jennifer Warburg and Eli Zigas.