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Why the Bay Area Struggles with Transit Project Delivery, and How to Fix It

September 29, 2020
The Bay Area has underinvested in transit for decades. Today, in the midst of a pandemic, it’s hard to imagine how the region will catch up: Our major transit projects regularly take decades to build and rank among the most expensive in the world. SPUR’s latest report offers three big ideas for delivering transit projects in less time,for less money and with better public value.

Six Ways to Better Deliver Benefits and Feed Hungry Californians

September 23, 2020 By Diego Ortiz, Food and Agriculture Program Manager
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, social service agencies have been under-resourced and ill-prepared to deal with the huge surge of people seeking help to meet their basic needs. SPUR offers six ways the state can improve the benefits process and help Californians get the food assistance and other services they need.

Remembering John K. Stewart

September 11, 2020
John Stewart was a pillar of the real estate and affordable housing communities across California. Founder and chairman of the John Stewart Company, John was an entrepreneur who devoted his life to providing high quality, well-designed, well-managed affordable housing. Today the company manages over 420 projects with 33,000 units, housing 100,000 residents statewide, and is owner or general partner of a substantial number of these.

Mayors Breed, Liccardo and Schaaf Reflect on Their Leadership in Conversation with SPUR's CEO, Alicia John-Baptiste

August 28, 2020
SPUR recently convened the mayors of the three largest cities in the region to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their communities. Each described how they have responded to this crisis, the meaningful policy changes they've implemented and what their vision is for long-term recovery that addresses systemic racism and provides inclusive economic opportunity.

Good Food for All: San Francisco Hospitals and Jails Commit to Improve Food Purchasing

August 14, 2020 By Katie Ettman, Food and Agriculture Senior Policy Associate
Two years after beginning an assessment of their food purchasing practices, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Public Health will start aligning these practices with standards set by the Center for Good Food Purchasing program. The goal is to leverage the agencies’ significant purchasing power by making choices that will improve the environment and human health.

Can Private Mobility Services Support (Not Undermine) Public Transit?

August 11, 2020 By Arielle Fleisher and Stuart Cohen
SPUR explores how public transportation and private emerging mobility providers can play to their respective strengths, function as a seamless network, and provide access for people of all incomes, races, ages and abilities. Together we can create a transportation system with fewer car trips, lower greenhouse gas emissions and increased access for the region’s most vulnerable residents.

SPUR Co-Sponsors Bill to Make Sustainable Transportation an Essential Part of California’s Recovery

August 5, 2020 By Laura Tolkoff, Regional Planning Policy Director
Senate Bill 288, co-sponsored by SPUR, aims to accelerate sustainable transportation projects and jumpstart a green recovery, creating jobs and reviving local economies while improving public health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. California can get projects — and jobs — going by taking a hard look at the regulatory processes that slow down, stop or increase the cost of sustainable transportation projects.

Six Global Lessons in Transit Recovery

July 22, 2020 By Hannah Schwartz, SPUR and Diane Cowin, AECOM
Transit agencies around the world are facing a shared existential crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. When can mass transit be “mass” again? This spring, SPUR and AECOM convened transit agencies, advocates and practitioners to explore solutions and share lessons learned. Six ideas emerged that transit agencies in the Bay Area should consider as they continue to navigate this crisis.

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