Engaging Communities During the Pandemic

News June 8, 2020
While the pandemic presents real challenges to public engagement, it is also pushing organizations to test new approaches and improve processes that are overdue for rethinking. Here are four things to keep in mind when conducting public outreach online.

The Power of the Commons: Public Spaces Will Be Critical for San José’s COVID-19 Recovery

News May 27, 2020
San José is one of five new cities to join Reimagining the Civic Commons, a national initiative advancing ambitious social, economic and environmental goals through revitalized and connected public spaces. SPUR is thrilled to be part of this project. We believe public spaces are critical infrastructure and will be essential for building a more resilient shared future as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We Need Consistent Practices Across the Region to Make Transit Safe

News May 27, 2020
In the wake of COVID-19’s disastrous impact, Bay Area transit agencies and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission need to make a commitment to public health in order for transit to recover. This commitment will be an evolving effort, and it must be coordinated across the region. SPUR recommends five things that can improve safety standards and help people feel comfortable riding transit.

A Stimulus Will Put People to Work Faster by Building Lots of Smaller, Cleaner Projects

News May 26, 2020
Our state is in dire need of an infrastructure stimulus designed to put people back to work quickly. A traditional stimulus that funds huge, singular infrastructure projects like the Hoover Dam won't cut it. Instead, we need thousands of smaller, distributed projects that will get people back to work immediately, train them in fast-growing jobs and generate a healthier, low-carbon future of California.

The First Success in Getting Back to Business Safely

News May 21, 2020
Construction bans made the early days of shelter in place a confusing and frustrating time for those in development and construction. SPUR jumped into action, getting our members the information they needed and successfully advocating for a safe return to work.

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