COVID-19 and SPUR Events

News March 9, 2020
As the coronavirus continues to make headlines, SPUR is keeping members and event attendees updated and informed on the precautions we are taking in response to the recent outbreak.

One Simple Way SF Can Get More Affordable Housing and Public Benefits

News February 26, 2020
San Francisco supervisors are about to vote on a plan amendment that would bring affordable housing, community benefits and open space improvements to the Market Octavia area. Some are calling for the amendment to set affordability and public benefit requirements even higher. But the way to get the most benefit for San Francisco from this proposal is simply to pass it as it stands.

Four Key Actions to Solve for Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area: a Governance Proposal

News February 20, 2020
Around the San Francisco Bay, a number of different processes are underway to address sea level rise, coastal flooding and other climate change impacts on the Bay shoreline. To bring all of these efforts together and make sure they complement — rather than compete with — one another, SPUR and SFEI propose four policy ideas for how to govern adaptation strategies across the region.

There Are No Cars in Wakanda

News February 20, 2020
In an essay for the exhibition Cars: Accelerating the Modern World, SPUR’s Allison Arieff asks: What would happen if we didn’t let the car determine the design of our cities and the pattern of our daily lives? Cities, she argues, might end up looking a lot like the fictional world at the center of the film Black Panther.

Transit Fare Integration Wins Transformative Projects Competition

News February 18, 2020
The results of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission first-ever Transformative Transportation Projects competition are in: We are thrilled to share that integrated transit fares — a proposal from SPUR, Seamless Bay Area and others — rose to the top as not only the most transformative of the 11 finalists but one of the highest-performing projects overall.

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