Guadalupe River

Rewilding the Guadalupe River in San José

Balancing natural ecology in a rapidly changing urban environment

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The Bigger Picture

Ten ideas for equitable transportation in Oakland

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More Harm Than Good

Building a more just fine and fee system in California


A No-Cost Rooftop Solar Stimulus

How streamlining residential solar installations can jumpstart a green economic recovery

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Ideas + Action 2021: Sustainability and Resilience

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Regional Strategy 2021

Welcome to 2070

The SPUR Regional Strategy has landed

How Much Does It Cost to Permit a House?

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California is in the midst of an enduring housing affordability crisis that is rooted in a lack of housing supply and perpetuated by the high costs of development. This brief focuses on one obstacle in the development process that can contribute to these steep costs and hamper overall housing production: the lack of transparency around development fees and requirements at the local level.

Progress on Keeping the Water Flowing

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Making sure everyone can afford clean water has long been an issue, but the economic hardships of COVID-19 have exacerbated the problem. SPUR addressed water bill debt in the wake of the pandemic in our January 2021 policy brief Keeping the Water On. Since the publication of the brief, state and local policy on water affordability and sustainability has made progress, which we discussed in a recent SPUR Digital Discourse.

The Bigger Picture: Ten Ideas for Equitable Transportation in Oakland

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Many Bay Area freeways and rail lines were designed without regard for their impact on local communities. SPUR and AECOM look at how key regional transportation infrastructure currently intersects in Oakland — and how it might do so differently in the future. The next generation of transportation investments and policy could rectify past planning injustices to facilitate a healthy, climate resilient and equitable Oakland.

Climate Justice: The Peril, the Progress and the Path Forward

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Climate discourse has often relied on moral platitudes, abstract facts and figures, and an over-emphasis on the consequences of climate change to incite action. What if instead we turned to a framework of justice and equity? SPUR’s Ideas + Action 2021: Sustainability & Resilience symposium focused on how to create a climate movement centered on community and people. International climate experts, elected officials and environmental leaders discussed the perils, progress and path forward to creating a hopeful, sustainable future.