Finding Transit

White Paper January 3, 2019
Navigating transit in the Bay Area is complicated: Each of the region's 27 transit operators develops its own maps, using a wide range of styles, symbols, graphics and language. Research shows that well-designed transit maps can increase ridership and improve passengers’ understanding of the transit system. SPUR offers recommendations for creating better maps that can make Bay Area transit easier to understand and navigate.

Update: How Did San Francisco Decide to Spend Its Soda Tax Revenue?

News January 3, 2019
San Francisco began collecting a soda tax in 2018. While the tax measure didn't allocate revenue to a specific purpose, it did create a process for directing funds to the cause of better public health outcomes. SPUR took a close look at the process and how well it did at achieving the intended aims of the original measure.

The Work Ahead — for 2019 and Beyond

Urbanist Article December 17, 2018
This was a big year in urbanism, and it was a big year for SPUR as we prepared to say goodbye to Gabriel Metcalf, our president and CEO of 13 years. For our last publication of 2018, Gabriel shares his parting thoughts on the amazing place we call home and the work ahead for Bay Area urbanists of all kinds.

Learning to Manage California’s Fire Problem

News December 11, 2018
Climate change is here today, and after the devastating fires of 2017 and 2018, Californians know it. In 2019, SPUR will be working on a new policy report on the multiple hazards wrought by climate change, including fires and flooding. We now know that land use, planning, building code, forest management and other recommendations may be needed to improve fire resiliency across the Bay Area.

What Will Diridon Station’s Legacy Be?

News December 5, 2018
Last month, SPUR convened national and international experts in San Jose to share best practices for planning and building world-class transit stations and active neighborhoods around stations. City officials, transit agencies and civic groups came together to develop the vision for the future Diridon Station and to consider the legacy that today's decisions will create for the project.

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