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June 2022 SPUR Voter Guide

See our ballot recommendations for San Francisco, San José and Oakland

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Different Together

The 2022 State of SPUR Address

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The SPUR 2022 Annual Report

A look back at our accomplishments this year

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A Parkway for the People

Celebrating the completion of the epic, 31-year Presidio Parkway project

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Taking Aim at San Francisco’s Housing Shortage

SPUR and partners propose a ballot measure to encourage new affordable housing

Regional Strategy 2021

Welcome to 2070

The SPUR Regional Strategy has landed

Lessons Learned From California’s COVID-19 Water Debt Relief Program

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Legislature established the California Water and Wastewater Arrearage Payment Program to provide financial relief for unpaid water bills. But water affordability struggles won’t end with the pandemic. The state will need to build upon its first experiment with water bill assistance to weather ongoing climate change and income inequality. SPUR investigates the success of the $985 million program and looks at lessons learned.

Candidates Share Their Views at SPUR’s San José Mayoral Forum

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The next mayor of San José will take the lead in guiding policy decisions that will shape the region for decades to come. SPUR and six partner organizations held a forum on April 28 to help voters get to know the frontrunner candidates and their positions on some of the city’s most pressing issues. We’ve compiled the candidate’s answers to questions spanning equitable planning, regional transit, parks and open space funding, affordable housing and senior housing.

Welcome to Our New 2022 SPUR Board Members

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SPUR has welcomed 19 new members to its board of directors. These new appointees bring extensive knowledge in planning, housing, transportation, economic justice, good government, food and agriculture, sustainability and resilience to the organization’s leadership. We look forward to their advisorship as we continue our work to make the Bay Area a place where everyone can thrive.

How to Make California’s Budget Surplus a Good Deal for the Climate

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California is dangerously behind on cutting carbon emissions, but this year’s budget surplus can be a weapon in the fight to address climate change, with Governor Newsom announcing plans to spend $37 billion over the next six years on climate resilience. Here are SPUR’s suggestions for how to focus those resources on eliminating fossil fuels in buildings, securing safe and abundant water, ending car dependence, improving transit, building affordable housing where we need it and more.

Watershed Moments

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Climate scientists predict that California will experience longer, more frequent droughts as the climate warms. How can the Bay Area better manage the limited water it has? SPUR, Greenbelt Alliance and Pacific Institute teamed up to highlight six Northern California leaders who are pioneering more sustainable approaches to water use.