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The 2024 SPUR Annual Report

Celebrating our big wins of the past year

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Closing the Electrification Affordability Gap

Planning an equitable transition away from fossil fuel heat in Bay Area buildings

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Structured for Success

Reforming housing governance in California and the Bay Area

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The Urbanist Is Back!

Read articles from the latest issue of SPUR's member magazine

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The 15-Minute Neighborhood

A framework for equitable growth and complete communities in San José and beyond

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Office-to-Residential Conversion in Downtown SF

Can converting office space to housing help revitalize downtown?

Welcome 2024–25 SPUR Board Directors and City Advisory Board Members

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This month, 12 years after SPUR's regional expansion, the organization ushered in a new board governance structure. Our smaller, 30-member Board of Directors will provide fiduciary and strategic leadership to the organization in partnership with our three City Advisory Boards, which will support SPUR’s local research and advocacy efforts. These new appointees bring extensive knowledge in planning, housing, transportation, good government, economics, and sustainability and resilience.

SPUR 2024 Annual Report

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The 2024 SPUR Annual Report celebrates the work we moved forward this year. Thanks to our research and advocacy, housing is becoming easier to permit and build, residents are phasing out their use of fossil fuels, and the vision to convert offices into homes is moving closer to reality.

SPUR Sponsors State Housing and Transportation Legislation

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SPUR is co-sponsoring a number of state bills this year and lending advocacy support to many more. Our focus this legislative session is on designing safer streets and addressing California’s housing affordability and availability crisis. Here’s a look at the legislation we’re sponsoring.

Small and Mighty

Policy Brief
San Francisco’s small businesses face multiple challenges: a notoriously complex regulatory environment, rising costs, and a slow economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges are even more acute for small businesses in the downtown area, which has still not recovered its office and visitor customer base. SPUR’s new policy brief identifies seven interventions to support the small business sector in San Francisco.

Preparing for the “Big One” Amid a Housing Crisis

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The Bay Area is already facing a housing crisis: Housing is unaffordable for low- and middle-income residents, development is not keeping up with demand, and in 2022 more than 30,000 people were unhoused. If a major earthquake were to hit the region, thousands of housing units could be lost, deepening the crisis. A recent event hosted by SPUR, the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California, and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute highlighted the region’s earthquake-related displacement risks and opportunities to reduce them.