buildings in downtown SF

Flexible Work Has Reshaped Downtown San Francisco

How Will the City Embrace the New Normal?

wooden ADU models

Small Infrastructures

An exhibition of ADU designs using economics of building assembly for experimentation

copenhagen harbor

Can the Bay Area Learn from Copenhagen’s 1990s Reinvention?

Reporting back from SPUR's 2022 study trip

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SPUR’s First 10 Years in San José

A retrospective of SPUR's work in the South Bay

Computer generated overhead rendering of Battery Bluff. Includes blue, cloudy skies, greenery surrounding the park and streets, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay.

A Parkway for the People

Celebrating the completion of the epic, 31-year Presidio Parkway project

Survey Says Residents Are Lukewarm on San José

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In partnership with San José State University and with funding from the Knight Foundation, we put forth a series of questions to city residents and SJSU students, faculty and staff. The survey results showed that San José residents are less satisfied with their city compared to residents of other cities across the country. Results like this are a reminder of why SPUR exists, and why our work to advance solutions for a better San José — including affordable housing, high-quality transit and improved access to economic opportunities for all residents — are so important.

Why Food Insecurity Is Still High in California — and What the State Can Do About It

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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment and food insecurity greatly increased in California, and enrollment in CalFresh — the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — went up significantly. As need has significantly increased, especially for Black and brown Californians, too many of the state’s residents still don’t have enough to eat. This article looks at ideas to help eliminate hunger in California, including automatic enrollment, targeted outreach, state administration of CalFresh, permanently streamlining enrollment and expanding pilot programs that help low-income Californians afford more fresh foods.

Oakland’s Measure X Puts Forth SPUR Ideas for Government Reform

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On November 8, Oakland residents will vote on a proposal for city government charter reforms. Measure X will create term limits for City Council members, clarify campaigning protocols for current elected officials and strengthen the role of the city auditor to increase accountability across the city. The measure was authored by Councilmember Dan Kalb, who has said that Measure X is a direct outcome of SPUR’s report Making Government Work, which proposed 10 ways to improve Oakland city governance. While Measure X does not include all of SPUR’s recommendations, it moves the needle on improving governance in the City of Oakland.

SPUR’s Work Inspires Bridge Toll Reform Law, but There’s More to Be Done

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Last month Governor Newsom signed AB 2594, a bill sponsored by Assemblymember Phil Ting that reforms the way California agencies handle bridge and road tolls. Inspired by SPUR’s report Bridging the Gap, AB 2594 helps modernize the toll system and reduce the harms caused by fines and fees for missing a toll payment. AB 2594 is an important first step in reforming inequitable tolling practices across California, but there’s still more work to be done.

Three Ways San Francisco, San José and Oakland Can Meet Their Housing Needs

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One of the critical steps in addressing California’s housing crisis is making sure that cities build enough housing to meet the needs of everyone in the community. That’s why the state requires every California city to update the housing element section of its general plan every eight years. The latest cycle is underway, and SPUR has been tracking the housing elements in San Francisco, San José and Oakland. Here’s how much housing the cities will be expected to build in the next cycle and three ideas for how they can get there.