August 2017

The Permanent Housing Crisis

The housing shortage isn’t a new problem for the Bay Area, but it has changed in surprising ways over the decades. Here are our thoughts on how to tackle it.
Over the past 20 years, SPUR has had victories and losses. We’ve run ballot measures, developed reforms to the approval process, pushed for neighborhood plans. We need to do more. Read More »

Oakland Takes Steps to Address Its Housing Challenges

Nearly 3,000 homes are under construction in Oakland. There is more to be done but SPUR is impressed with the city’s progress.
The 2016 Oakland at Home report recommended strategies for addressing the city’s housing shortage. Here’s an update. Read More »

How to Make San Francisco Friendly to Families

The most effective way to counter the pull of the suburbs may be to build on the strong urban amenities San Francisco already possesses.
San Francisco has the lowest percentage of households with children among the 12 largest American cities. Why are families leaving and what can the city do to keep them? Read More »

Member Profile: Vu-Bang Nguyen

Vu-Bang Nguyen is working to insure that Silicon Valley's growth benefits everyone.
Vu-Bang Nguyen works with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to benefit people most impacted by income inequality, transit accessibility and housing affordability. Read More »

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