Issue 553

Rethinking the Corporate Campus

The Corporate Campus: A Local History

A glimpse at how Silicon Valley became Silicon Valley.

The Bay Area’s economic engine has evolved into a spatial pattern that comes with high environmental and social costs. Can we change course?

A New Look at the Corporate Campus

How to grow the region’s economic engine more efficiently and sustainably.

The way we work is changing dramatically. Maybe it’s time that our workplaces did, too.

Urban Field Notes: Searching for Silicon Valley

​A piece in the Mercury News earlier this year suggested that Silicon Valley is giving Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the Bay Area’s other tourist attractions a run for their money. But what does Silicon Valley look like? Where would you send tourists hoping to “see” it?

Member Profile: Gavin Belson of HBO's Silicon Valley

Making the world a better place, one juice bar at a time.

No show better captures the current milieu of Silicon Valley better than, well, HBO’s Silicon Valley. The show’s Google doppelganger, Hooli, is led by CEO Gavin Belson. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Gavin’s valuable time to talk about the future of the corporate campus.