Issue 542

Seamless Transit

How we can dramatically improve public transit without building more of it

Seamless Transit

SPUR identifies the barriers the Bay Area needs to overcome in order to improve the transit experience for riders.

Our region has more than two dozen public transit operators—and yet only 3 percent of all trips here are made using transit. How can we get more benefit from our transit investment and efforts?

Placemaking Underground: BART to Revitalize Stations

What if there was something visually arresting to stare at while waiting for your train?

More than 500,000 riders use BART and Muni Metro stations daily--- over 90 times more people than visit our region’s most popular museums. Our underground transit corridors represent a tremendous opportunity to enhance riders’ experience by engaging a broader spectrum of the public in the arts.

Member Profile: Cyrus Farivar

An Oakland-based journalist, author and radio producer muses on Amsterdam, cargo ships and the good (and bad) ways tech is impacting cities.

In his book The Internet of Elsewhere , journalist, radio producer and author Cyrus Farivar explores the history and effects of the Internet in Senegal, South Korea, Estonia and Iran.