Issue 535 July 2014
July 2014 SPUR Urbanist Magazine

The Future of the Berryessa BART Station

A rare chance to shape growth around San Jose's first BART station
With the extension of BART into Silicon Valley, San Jose has a unique chance to shape growth around its first station, at Berryessa. Developing land uses that support BART ridership will be key to the success of Berryessa Station — and the future of the area around it. Substantial planning has already been done, but there are still opportunities for improvement. Read More »

The Network Effect

Shaping the future of the South Bay’s transportation system
The car dominates the South Bay. SPUR research suggests that a focus on growing and connecting networks could be the key to increasing transit, cycling and walking. Read More »

Member Profile: Masharika P. Maddison

A Passion for Public Education
Think there’s only a handful of good public schools in San Francisco? That’s just one misperception PPS-SF’s Executive Director is aiming to correct. Read More »

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