SPUR Expresses Support for Redevelopment of Reid-Hillview Airport

Policy Letter November 17, 2020

As the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors continues to consider closing the Reid-Hillview Airport and repurposing the site to better meet community needs including development of affordable housing, SPUR has expressed its support for this move. The Board has adopted a Vision Statement and is reviewing options for a Vision Plan based on resident input gathered during outreach and engagement events. As part of the “Big Ideas” component of SPUR’s Regional Strategy, we have identified redevelopment of the Reid-Hillview Airport and public investments and improvements in the surrounding area as a major opportunity to promote racial equity and improve the quality of life of residents. In November 2019, SPUR joined with SOMOS Mayfair to host a community charette to hear from residents about their needs and aspirations for the site.

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