San Francisco Good Government Awards 2024


2024 Good Government Awards, April 25, 2024


2024 Good Government Awards - April 25, 2024

The Good Government Awards recognizes outstanding performances by managers working for the City and County of San Francisco for the past 43 years. A project of SPUR, the award represents a unique opportunity to acknowledge San Francisco's top managers for their leadership, vision and ability to make a difference - both within city government and in the community at large.


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Award honorees standing on the steps of the San Francisco City Hall rotunda with Mayor Breed

2024 Honorees

Dennis (Denny) Kern
Director of Operations, Department of Recreation and Parks

For 18 years, Dennis Kern, known as Denny, served as the Director of Operations at the Recreation and Park Department. Denny oversaw 10 work divisions and approximately 85% of the department’s employees, ensuring the planning, development, and implementation of recreational and community services while directly managing the maintenance of parks and recreational facilities. Remarkable milestones were achieved under Denny's guidance; from the reorganization of divisions to the management of comprehensive COVID-19 responses, his impact resonated throughout the department. He implemented programs that managed assets effectively, supported apprentice and scholarship initiatives, and addressed income and racial disparities in park access. Denny's dedication ensured equitable access to clean and beautiful open spaces for all San Franciscans, regardless of neighborhood. Denny's calm and optimistic demeanor served as a stabilizing force in managing one of America’s largest urban park systems. Beyond tangible accomplishments, his legacy lies in the people he inspired and mentored.

Portrait of Suzette Love standing on the steps of SF City Hall rotundaSuzette Love
Human Resources Director, Port of San Francisco

Suzette Love's leadership at the Port of San Francisco has been transformative by fostering inclusivity and equity within the organization. Her visionary approach has redefined Human Resources, shifting it from a bureaucracy to a proactive support system that offers resources, guidance, and advocacy for all staff. Her strategic initiatives increased hiring fourfold, addressing staffing gaps left by the pandemic. Under her guidance, the Port’s proposed FY 24-25 and 25-26 budget includes six position substitutions which create job classification ladders into supervision or management - while doubling the training budget to advance career skills. Ms. Love is a fantastic manager, with unparalleled work ethic who leads by example with authenticity and empathy.


Portrait of Martin Okumu standing on the steps of the SF City Hall rotundaMartin R. Okumu
Chief Information Officer, Sheriff's Department

Martin R. Okumu joined the Sheriff’s Department as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in April 2019, spearheading the Sheriff’s Office technology strategy. He conducted thorough assessments and implemented recommendations to enhance departmental efficiency, aligning with audit findings. Under Martin's leadership, a comprehensive IT strategic plan was developed to guide digital transformation. He oversees the Information Technology Support Services Unit, driving initiatives to improve public access and transparency. Martin plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing policies, managing IT projects, and ensuring cybersecurity. Additionally, he modernizes processes, aids in system procurement, and fosters collaboration with external partners, exemplifying leadership and expertise in technology integration.


Portrait of Ben Rosenfield standing on the steps of SF City Hall rotundaBen Rosenfield | Good Government Civic Legacy Award
San Francisco Controller, 2008-2024

Ben Rosenfield began his career with the City in 1997 as an analyst in the Mayor's Budget Office and a project leader in the Controller's Office. He began his first ten-year appointment as San Francisco Controller in 2008 and stepped down from his role in February 2024. His time with the city spanned 26 years (and budgets) and five mayoral administrations.

During his tenure as Controller, Ben worked with policymakers on numerous initiatives. He supported the development of voter-approved ballot measures to revise the City's financial planning process, shifting the City to a two-year budget to aid in better management of retiree pension and healthcare costs. He supervised the development of complex financing required to expand the City's Moscone Convention Center and complete construction of the Transbay Transit Center. He also updated the City's legacy payroll and benefits systems, modernized the City's financial and procurement system, and implemented a new property tax system. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ben remains widely esteemed for his integrity, thoughtfulness, and composure amidst the dynamic landscape of City Hall.


Group photo of the Animal Care and Control Team standing on the steps of the SF City Hall rotundaAnimal Care and Control Team
Animal Care and Control
Justine Alberto, Deb Campbell, Amy Corso, Ariana Luchsinger

The SF Animal Care and Control Team manages a department of 60 employees, operating an open-admission shelter receiving 8-10,000 animals yearly. As the pandemic slowed down, shelters across the country moved from a surge in adoptions to a backlog of large dogs who are very difficult to place. Recognizing this challenge the team shifted focus to prevent surrenders by supporting pet-owning families. By offering assistance with veterinary care, pet food, and waiving fees through partnerships, they helped keep pets in their original homes, saving both resources and animals from entering the shelter system. Through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships, the team successfully prevented surrenders and provided vital support to pet owners in need.


Group photo of the Laguna Honda Hospital team standing on the steps of the SF City Hall rotundaLaguna Honda Hospital Team
Department of Public Health | City Attorney’s Office
Jennifer Carton-Wade, Lisa Hoo, MD, Henry Lifton, JD, Arnulfo Medina, JD, Nawzaneen Zahir, Troy Williams

The Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Team (Laguna Honda) were instrumental in saving this beloved institution for the people who call Laguna Honda home today and for generations of future San Franciscans. The Laguna Honda Team helped lead a facility-wide recertification plan with nearly 1,000 action items. In fighting for Laguna Honda, they supported the health of the most vulnerable and secured more than $200 million of annual federal funding. Laguna Honda represents one of the largest commitments by any city or county to publicly run skilled nursing care. It is a place that ensures San Franciscans receive quality healthcare regardless of income, immigration status, or the complexity of their care needs.

Past Honorees

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