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Pacita Rudder


Director of Engagement

Strategy and Operations

Public engagement, culture and programs

Pacita Rudder is the Director of Public Engagement at SPUR and leads on designing and facilitating cultural and educational learning experiences, programs, exhibits, and events for the SPUR membership community and general public. She is a descendant of Ghanaian and Bajan ancestors and spent her formative years growing up in England, Ghana, and the United States. Her experience in the culture change field has led her to a fellowship with the City of Oakland as a Cultural Strategist in Government, where she designs cultural strategies for the city's climate and sustainability efforts. Prior to joining the SPUR team, she was the Senior Programs Manager at Harness leading on initiatives that brought together artists, organizers, influencers, and cultural strategists to collaborate on events, projects, and campaigns that shift culture through the entertainment industry. Her previous work at Power California, Oakland Rising, and Bay Rising centered on building political power across the state through the integration of electoral organizing and cultural strategy. Pacita graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Comparative Cultures and Politics and enjoys traveling, making music, writing, and reading Wikipedia articles.