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SPUR 2022 Impact Report

Learn what we accomplished in 2022

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Flexible Work Has Reshaped Downtown San Francisco

How will the city embrace the New Normal?

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What It Will Take to Make the Howard Terminal Ballpark Project a Home Run for Oakland

A once-in-a-generation opportunity for the City of Oakland

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An Exit Interview With Therese McMillan

Retiring MTC director shares lessons from her career

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SPUR’s First 10 Years in San José

A retrospective of SPUR's work in the South Bay

Paving the Way to Downtown Revitalization: Three Cities San Francisco Can Learn From

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San Francisco’s office vacancy rate, one of the highest in the country, has dampened the city’s liveliness and economic prospects. Other cities are tackling the resilience challenges that office-centric downtowns face by reconsidering office building uses and creating incentives for redevelopment. San Francisco can take a page from their revitalization plans.

Investing in San José's Parks and Open Spaces Creates a Virtuous Cycle

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San José’s parks and open spaces are underfunded and falling into disuse. Realizing their potentially large economic and social dividends will take significant and sustainable funding mechanisms. Now more than ever, the city must study, assess, and develop long-term funding strategies with clear communication, intentionality, and creativity.

Averting a Worsening Hunger Crisis Hinges on Making Temporary Benefits Programs Permanent

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Recipients of CalFresh food assistance are about to take a big hit: emergency allotments authorized during the COVID-19 pandemic are set to expire just as food costs are at historic highs. SPUR is working to make temporary food access programs permanent and has just launched a statewide project institutionalizing supplemental benefits by making them directly reimbursable to recipients’ EBT cards.

How California Can Help Transit Survive and Thrive

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Public transit is an essential service for millions of Californians, yet as one-time federal COVID-19 relief funds dry up, many transit agencies are facing a fiscal crisis. The state’s largest and most fare-dependent operators could see severe service cuts and a spiraling decline. SPUR is leading a coalition urging the state to provide necessary funding to keep buses and trains running as agencies work to transition to a sustainable business model.

The Bay Area Has Too Little Middle-Income Housing

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In a new research paper, Losing Ground: What the Bay Area's Housing Crisis Means for Middle-Income Households and Racial Inequality, SPUR’s senior advisor on housing policy, Sarah Karlinsky, reveals how the high cost of housing is shaping the Bay Area in ways that erode quality of life and erase economic and racial diversity. We spoke with Sarah about the research and its implications.