Issue 509

The Not-So-Corporate Campus

Innovative high-growth companies look to urban-style experiences to energize their workforce

Traditionally, we think of the workplace as the office: an interior space filled with desks and conference rooms. But a growing number of Bay Area companies are focusing on the context — the spaces outside and in between the buildings. The new workplace is wherever and whatever the workforce experiences.

Announcing the Launch of SPUR San Jose

An inside view of the opportunities for change that led us to open an office in Northern California’s largest city, San Jose.

After several years of strategic-planning efforts to think through our role in the region, we have come to a major decision — to open a SPUR office in San Jose, with the hope of doing so in Oakland in the future. This decision reflects our perspective about how our century-old organization can become even more effective in the next 100 years.

The Urban Future of Work

How denser, more urban workplaces will strengthen the Bay Area’s economic competitiveness

As the Bay Area’s economy changes, many firms are finding they need the vibrancy and density of an urban-style environment in order to collaborate, innovate and stay competitive. There is a strong link between density and job growth. In fact, we believe that locating jobs closer to transit — and closer to one another — will be key to the Bay Area’s long-term economic growth.