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Urban Field Notes: Five Parking Garages — an Urbanist's Reluctant Crush

Urban designers, as a rule, are not big fans of the automobile. I think it’s fair to say that rage at the depredations of cars and their accessories ranks up there with love for volumetric enclosure and street trees among the discipline’s articles of faith. But of course, violating articles of faith is one of life’s great pleasures. To that end, hereare some of…

Climate Change Hits Home

Adaptation strategies for the San Francisco Bay Area

Global efforts to slow climate change by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions have largely failed. As a result we must not only intensify our efforts to reduce climate change but start preparing for its inevitable effects. In this report, SPUR recommends more than 30 strategies for local and regional agencies to begin minimizing the region’s vulnerabilities to these long-term but potentially catastrophic effects.