Issue 498 November 2010 to December 2011

Urban Field Notes: Columbarium Is One Rare Place to Connect With the Dead

In 1902 San Francisco made a law — no more burials within city limits — followed by an even more restrictive law in 1910: no more cremations. An additional requirement was that all graves be dug up and relocated to the tiny town of Colma. But the Columbarium, an imposing and solidly built repository-of-ashes, still stands at the end of Loraine Court.

Beyond the Tracks

How smart land-use planning around future high-speed rail can reshape California's growth

For the 26 California cities designated as future high-speed rail stops, the new statewide system presents a once-in-a-century opportunity to reshape their local economies and set the course for more compact, less automobile-dependent growth. Beyond the Tracks identifies specific land-use planning strategies that will contribute to the success of high-speed rail and help cities, and ultimately California, realize the full potential of the multi-billion-dollar system.