Issue 555 February 2017

Urban Field Notes: Market Street Prototyping Festival

Text and images by Sergio Ruiz
Urbanist Article March 13, 2017

All photos by Sergio Ruiz.

In October, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and San Francisco Planning Department put on the second Market Street Prototyping Festival, a showcase of engaging and experimental installations from artists, designers and placemakers. During the festival, Market Street was lined with interactive, playful and educational spaces designed to give people a sense of what Market Street could look like in the future.


Pop-Up Forest by Phil Pierce, Doug Wildman, Anne Brask, Jon Swae, Monica Way, 2016


Prism Portal by Clare Hart-Slattery, Ryan Sison, Tigran Tyler Pell, 2016


Glimmer by Adam Marcus, 2016


wav.field by Tommy Haddock,Tamara Jafar, 2016


Sidewalk Library by the San Francisco Public Library and San Francisco Public Works Landscape Architecture, 2016


Fogplane by Anita Hsieh, Chris Gardini, Jose Paix, Mini Chu, Nicholas Murao, Ryan Nearma, 2015


About the Authors: 

Sergio Ruiz is a transportation planner and SPUR’s photographer.

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