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2020 SF Good Government Awards: Goal to Roll Team Tackles a Backlog to Let City Revenue Flow

Left to Right: Connie Vindell, Christina McKinnon, Molly Peterson, Adrienne Yan 

The 2020 San Francisco Good Government Awards, held on March 4, recognized outstanding job performance by those serving the City and County of San Francisco. 

Every year, property taxes are the single largest revenue source — more than $3 billion — for general City services. For several decades, the Assessor‐Recorder has operated in a constant state of backlog, unable to complete all assessments nor appropriately track and add value from new construction on time. The consequences of this backlog have been significant and resulted in unrealized or lost property tax revenues, lack of clarity for individuals and businesses who must pay multiple years of unknown bills at once and an opportunity cost associated with inaccurate financial forecasting and public service programming.

The Assessor‐Recorder adopted a multi‐year, interdisciplinary, cross‐division effort called the Goal to Roll Initiative (G2R) to eliminate the backlog and provide transparency into the organization’s operations and productivity. The major components of G2R can be distilled into four broad areas: (1) development of data‐driven tools that are automated and auditable to understand productivity, (2) re‐engineering business processes, (3) implementing new technologies that assist with tracking employee’s work to improve efficiency and, (4) aligning management and staff resources to eliminate the backlog. As a result of G2R, in June of 2019, the Assessor-Recorder’s office delivered the roll on‐time for the first time in over twenty-five years, eliminating the backlog.


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