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2020 SF Good Government Awards: Danielle Mieler Ensures the Safety of San Francisco’s Tall Buildings

The 2020 SF Good Government Awards, held on March 4, recognized outstanding job performance by those serving the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco is ground zero for commerce, technology and, unfortunately, earthquakes. With the expectation that a 6.75 magnitude earthquake will hit the city within the next 30 years, there is an urgency to consider the potential damage of such a disaster.

Ms. Mieler manages the City's Earthquake Safety Implementation Program and the Lifelines Council. In particular, she was tasked with developing recommendations to improve the earthquake safety of tall buildings of over 240 feet. This effort looked at how tall buildings would perform during an earthquake as well as how they would affect, or be affected by, surrounding neighborhoods, soil conditions, and other factors. To accomplish this task, Ms. Mieler put together San Francisco’s Tall Buildings Study, a multi-departmental analysis of the unique seismic safety and recovery risks associated with these complex structures.

As a result of her work and leadership, San Francisco will be able to assess the safety of its buildings after the next big earthquake, enable re-occupancy, and fully recover more quickly and efficiently. The Tall Buildings Safety Strategy adds to San Francisco’s innovative programs and initiatives to improve the City’s ability to prepare for and recover from a major earthquake. It also strengthens the integrity and resilience of the City’s infrastructure, neighborhoods, and residents.



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