Stephen Engblom

Senior Vice President


San Francisco Director

Stephen Engblom, AIA, LEED AP, architect, is a Senior Vice President with AECOM with a global track record of working with public and private sector clients to develop healthy and successful places. As Global Director of AECOM Cities, Stephen and his team are dedicated to forward-thinking urban policy and development strategies that underpin world-class infrastructure that enhances the environment, equity, and economy of our cities. Stephen is active in the Urban Land Institute and American Institute of Architects, contributes thought leadership to industry journals, and lectures and teaches at universities and institutes worldwide. He works closely with public and private sector leaders in the urban infrastructure and urban design space and advises AECOM’s executive leadership team on current trends in urbanization and how these current challenges will shape the future of our industry. Stephen is currently serving as Principal-in-charge for the AECOM-led team, All Bay Collective. In collaboration with UCB, CCA and CMG, the team was selected as one of 10 teams to participate in the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge. The challenge asks how the SF Bay Area and its cities can optimize the next generation of $1 trillion of infrastructure that will enable the region’s GDP while addressing the threats of sea level rise, severe storms, drought, flooding and earthquakes, and issues of affordability and inequity in the Bay Area.