Issue 533

Food: It's Not Just What's on Your Plate

Between the Farm and the Grocery Store

Bolstering San Francisco’s Food Industry Cluster

San Francisco’s food and beverage manufacturers and distributors provide a critical link between agricultural producers and consumers in the local food economy. They also support economic and employment diversity within the city. Recognizing the importance of the food industry cluster, city agencies and industry leaders are developing recommendations for how local government can better help these businesses start, stay and grow in the city.

San Francisco’s Healthy Corner Store Movement

A group of committed neighborhood activists creates a very promising business model to improve the health of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

Alarming health statistics led community groups and city agencies to work together to improve nutrition and a healthier food retail environment in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood. Their model for corner store conversions shows promise as a community-driven strategy to improve access to healthy food.

Compost, Cows and Carbon Markets

The impact on ranching’s ecological footprint could be significant if supporters of the Marin Carbon Project can find a way to integrate the process into new business models.

The Marin Carbon Project has demonstrated that applying compost to rangeland has clear environmental benefits. Could this be an effective strategy in helping combat climate change?

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