SPUR Recommends Prioritization of User Experience at Diridon Station

Policy Letter June 21, 2019

In letters to the:

- San Jose City Council

- Diridon Joint Policy Advisory Board

- Peninsula Corridor Joint Power Authority Board

- California High-Speed Rail Authority Board

- and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Board

SPUR recommends that these boards and the partner agencies at Diridon Station use the lens of user experience to evaluate the proposed elements and scenarios for the spatial configuration of this multimodal hub. User experience is critical to whether people will embrace the station — be it to take a transit trip, meet with friends in the station area, or live or work in downtown San Jose. The success of the station as a regional and statewide mobility hub, bringing passengers to San Jose, and taking them to points beyond, will have implications at the local and megaregional level.

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