Our goal: Make it affordable to live here.

SPUR’s housing agenda:

• Zone for more housing—in the right locations.
• Invest in permanently affordable housing.
• Enable more housing to be affordable by design.
• Rethink parking requirements.
• Encourage secondary units.
• Get housing development fees right.

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  • SPUR Report

    Room for More

    Our housing agenda for San Jose lays out 20 concrete steps the city can take to address the chronic housing shortage, ranging from fixing its planning process to finding more funding for affordable housing.

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  • SPUR Report

    8 Ways to Make San Francisco More Affordable

    San Francisco is in the midst of an affordability crisis. Reversing the situation will require far-reaching changes to the city’s housing policies. But there are many things we can do at the local level to make San Francisco more affordable for the people who live here.

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  • SPUR Report

    Re-Envisioning the San Francisco Housing Authority

    The San Francisco Housing Authority has a budget short fall and lacks funding to meet its capital needs. SPUR offers recommendations to help the agency become financially sustainable over the long term.

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  • SPUR Report

    Affordable by Design

    Housing units that are affordable "by design" cost less to produce because they’re small, efficiently designed and don’t come with a parking space. Could this be a new way to produce middle-income housing without using public subsidy?

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  • SPUR Report

    A Housing Strategy for San Francisco

    San Francisco’s unique culture is threatened by the high cost of housing. Unless we do something, the city will lose its artists, its progressive politics, its immigrants and its young people. This second edition of our Housing Strategy for San Francisco updates the policy reports that define SPUR's housing agenda.

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Updates and Events

SPUR Supports SB 330 to Remove Barriers to Building New Housing

Policy Letter May 21, 2019
California SB 330 intends to remove many barriers to the creation of new housing. It prohibits cities from imposing housing moratoriums and bans requirements that local voters approve increases in density, among other changes. SPUR strongly supports SB 330 in concept. The bill is complicated and covers a lot of territory, so we encourage proponents to identify how to make the requirements feasible and implementable.

SPUR Supports AB 1485, Statewide Incentives for "Missing Middle" Housing

Policy Letter May 21, 2019
SPUR supports California AB 1485, which would help clear a path for much-needed housing developments that target the “missing middle." The bill would do so by making projects with a higher percentage of units reserved for moderate and middle-income households eligible to utilize SB 35.

SPUR Supports AB 1706, Financial Feasibility Incentives for "Missing Middle" Housing

Policy Letter May 21, 2019
SPUR supports California AB 1706, which would provide incentives to build much-needed housing that targets the “missing middle." The bill would provide financial feasibility incentives and a shortened approval timeline to Bay Area housing development proposals that provide mixed-income housing, serve the missing middle, pay prevailing wages and meet certain infill location requirements.

SPUR Supports if Amended AB 1482 to Establish a Statewide Rent Cap

Policy Letter May 21, 2019
Current state law protects tenants from rent increases over 10% when an emergency has been declared. AB 1482 would further protect California renters from large rent increases as a result of the ongoing housing emergency that could drive them from their homes. SPUR supports AB 1482 with several amendments including the cap number and the use of pass-throughs.

SPUR Supports AB 670, Accessory Dwelling Units in Common Interest Developments

Policy Letter May 21, 2019
Creating more in-law apartments, or accessory dwelling units, will help make a dent in California's housing shortage. SPUR supports AB 670, which would nullify prohibitions against accessory dwelling units in common interest developments. Since so much potential for accessory dwelling units lies in single-family neighborhoods, it is important that homeowners’ associations be stopped from creating blanket prohibitions against them.

SPUR Supports California Senate Bill 50, the More HOMES Act

Policy Letter April 2, 2019
SPUR supports SB 50, the More HOMES Act, which would overcome barriers to the creation of infill homes close to major transit and in high opportunity areas throughout California. This policy would create an inclusive mix of homes near transit and jobs, consistent with the goals of Plan Bay Area, and would spur the development of housing types that are within reach of working families.

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