Where We Go From Here — and How You Can Help
November 29, 2016

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I have never felt more proud of the Bay Area. Regardless of what our nation’s new leadership will mean for the issues SPUR works on, here in the Bay Area we are moving ahead, taking dramatic steps to make the world better.

We aren’t debating the science of climate change. We are making plans to completely wean our region from fossil fuels and beginning the long work of retrofitting our coastal edge to cope with higher sea levels.

We aren’t holding out for routine manufacturing jobs to return to this country. We are laying the foundations of a new economy and working to connect low-income people to the kinds of jobs that will be here in the future.

When we in the Bay Area live up to our best values, we are progressive but immensely practical at the same time. SPUR’s job is to help the region reach its highest aspirations. We figure out solutions to the most important problems. We tell the truth about what’s not working, and we celebrate what is.

We are animated by a belief in the power of making change at the local and regional level. We believe that the cities of the Bay Area have the potential to become a working example of what an economically strong, culturally diverse, ecologically balanced and socially inclusive metropolitan region looks like.

We are the leading advocates for cities in the Bay Area. And we do all of our work — from deep investigative research to broad-based civic convening to hard-hitting campaigns for policy change — because of support from members like you.

Fully two-thirds of SPUR’s funding comes from members. With your generous support, we have greatly expanded our work over the past five years. But we have so much more we want to do.

Here’s how you can help:

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We are grateful for your involvement in our community of urbanists. Our work would not be possible without it.



Gabriel Metcalf
President and CEO

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