March 2020 Voter Guide

Ballot analysis and recommendations

SPUR analyzed select local measures on the San Francisco, San José and Oakland ballots for the March 2020 election. Our analysis includes the background behind the measures, pros and cons, and a recommendation on how to vote.


The goal of the SPUR Voter Guide is to offer objective analysis and advise voters on which measures will deliver real solutions. Our Ballot Analysis Committee heard arguments from both sides of the issues, debated the measures’ merits and provided recommendations to our Boards of Directors. The boards then voted, with a 60 percent vote required for SPUR to make a recommendation.

SPUR Ballot Analysis Committee: Robert Gamble (Co-Chair), Molly Turner (Co-Chair), Michaela Cassidy, Jim Chappell, Don Falk, Diane Filippi, Ed Harrington, Aaron Johnson, George Miller, Rebecca Prozan, Doug Shoemaker, Katy Tang, Fran Weld

SPUR Staff: Susannah Parsons, Kristy Wang, Karen Steen, Laura Tam, Katie Ettman

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