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June 2016 Voter Guide

Analysis and recommendations for the June 2016 San Francisco ballot

Voter Guide

Five city propositions and one regional measure appear on the San Francisco ballot on June 7, 2016. As we do every election, SPUR provides in-depth analysis and recommendations on each one.

San Francisco faces many urgent issues. Ballot measures that offer solutions, reflect broad community consensus and allow flexibility in implementation can move the city forward. SPUR supports such good public policy.

By the same token, complex challenges won’t be solved by inadequate public policy. Sometimes the intentions behind a measure are laudable, but the policy as written will not have its desired effect — and may have negative unintended consequences. Often the ballot is not the best way to move forward on an issue.

SPUR focuses on outcomes, not ideology. The goal of the SPUR Voter Guide is to provide objective analysis and advise voters on which measures will deliver real solutions.

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SPUR's Positions at a Glance

City Measure   Name & SPUR Position
Prop. A

Health Facilities Bond
SPUR Position: YES

Prop. B

Parks Fund
SPUR Position: YES

Prop. C

Affordable Housing Requirements
SPUR Position: No recommendation

Prop. D

Officer-Involved Shootings
SPUR Position: YES

Prop. E

Paid Sick Leave
SPUR Position: YES

Measure AA

Bay Restoration Tax
SPUR Position: YES



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