November 2014 Voter Guide

Analysis and recommendations for the November 2014 San Francisco ballot

Voter Guide

Twelve city propositions appear on the San Francisco ballot on November 4, 2014. As we do every election, SPUR provides in-depth analysis and recommendations on each one.

For each measure we ask: Is it necessary and appropriate to be on the ballot? Is it practical, and if enacted will it achieve the result it proposes? And most important: Is it a worthy goal, one that will make San Francisco a better place to work and live?

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SPUR's Positions at a Glance:

City Measure Name SPUR Position
Prop. A Transportation Bond YES
Prop. B Transportation Set-Aside NO
Prop. C Children's Fund Renewal YES
Prop. D Redevelopment Employee Benefits YES
Prop. E Soda Tax YES
Prop. F Pier 70 Project YES
Prop. G Housing Resale Tax No position
Prop. H Grass Athletic Fields in Golden Gate Park NO
Prop. I Renovation of Athletic Fields YES
Prop. J Minimum Wage Increase YES
Prop. K Affordable Housing YES
Prop. L Motorist Policy NO

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Voting booth image courtesy flickr user nshepard