SPUR Letter Encouraging Caltrain to Adopt Ambitious Vision for Peninsula Corridor

Policy Letter July 29, 2019

SPUR believes that the Peninsula can and should be shaped by outstanding rail service. We support the staff recommendation to move forward with a moderate growth scenario today and we recommend the Board affirmatively commit to the high-growth scenario as the vision for this corridor. In addition: 

1. We recommend staff come back with a recommendation to update the long-range service vision no later than January 1, 2024 and again in 2029. 

2.  Eliminate the baseline scenario from further consideration. 

3. As a next step to the organizational assessment, employ a goal-oriented, well-resourced, facilitated process to identify the best governance path for Caltrain. 

4. The region has a role to play in supporting Caltrain's more regional and inter-regional outlook. 

5. In the upcoming analysis, plan for a more interoperable megaregional rail network when making corridor-specific investments.

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