SPUR Supports Proposed Partnership Between the City of San Jose and Google

Policy Letter December 4, 2018

The proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) articulates a thoughtful process for meeting many of the policy recommendations SPUR has made and encompasses the ideas and principles put forward by the community over the past year. The MOU and sale of previously owned Redevelopment property and current City-owned properties—at fair market value—will begin the process of defining an integrated transit-oriented mixed-use development to benefit the residents of San Jose.

Having a development partner like Google who, without subsidy from the city, has committed to making direct investment in sustainable and resilient infrastructure, transit- and downtown-supporting jobs, thousands of housing units, remade complete streets, and inviting public spaces is too important to not put our full weight behind.

As the partnership between the City of San Jose and Google continues, we strongly advocate that the long-term health of San Jose and its people be put first. All major cities are grappling with how to best address affordability, equity and inclusion. This development has the potential to serve as an example for human centered design that elevates and reinforces San Jose’s history, economy, culture and diversity and leads us down a path toward a more equitable model of prosperity. 

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