SPUR Comments on Highway 37 Planning, Alignment and Design Considerations

Policy Letter November 19, 2018

We commend all the agencies engaged in land use and transportation planning in the 37 corridor for their engagement and commitment to working with each other. We recommend evaluating and considering a range of design alternatives for the corridor that achieve the following: 

  • Plan conservatively for sea level rise.
  • Develop a corridor-wide vision before evaluating alternatives by segment. 
  • Plan to add multi-modal transportation options, but don’t study each independently. 
  • Act with urgency to bring tidal action back to formerly diked Baylands - and embrace the potential for large-scale marsh restoration.
  • Develop a regional strategy for transportation infrastructure vulnerable to sea level rise, and consider land use and population served as criteria for prioritizing resources.
  • Include Highway 37 in MTC’s Bay Crossings study. 

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