2017 Good Government Awards: How the Zuckerberg Hospital Move Team Safely Relocated Patients and Staff
March 29, 2017


The 2017 Good Government Awards, Held on March 22, recognized outstanding performances by Managers Working for the City and County of San Francisco.

The Zuckerberg Hospital Move Team oversaw the monumental task of opening a new acute care and trauma facility, refining workflows and processes to safely transfer patients, staff and equipment into the new LEED Gold-certified building. The rigorous planning undertaken by Justin Dauterman, Jay Kloo, Terry Saltz and Jeffrey Schmidt allowed the departments to thrive in their new workspace. The Move Team’s intensive planning included two “Day in the Life” exercises in which 1,000 staff members simulated 57 different scenarios in order to identify and address potential staff and patient safety issues, as well as verify protocols and workflows. Thanks to the team’s thoughtful leadership, 158 patients were successfully transferred and thousands of staff members were informed, empowered and supported in the transition. 


2017 Good Government Awards: Zuckerberg General Hospital Move Team from SPUR on Vimeo.


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