What Is Your Radical Idea for San Jose?

Image courtesy of Sergio Ruiz for SPUR

If money were no object, what “moonshot” idea do you believe would make the biggest positive impact on San Jose?

SPUR is entering its fifth year in San Jose, and we’ve accomplished a lot. As we look toward our next five years, we’re looking for new thinking that could transform the future of the city. We’d love to hear about your vision for San Jose.

SPUR is an organization of big ideas. Whether it’s integrating our many public transit services so they function like one rational, easy-to-use network, taking down freeways to reconnect neighborhoods, pushing for great urban design or challenging the Bay Area to act on sea level rise, we believe in bold action to improve our cities. The High Line transformed the west side of Manhattan; LA’s newest Metro transit line connects the city to the sea. What would make San Jose even better? Your radical idea!

So send us your big ideas. Join us this Thursday, June 30, at the San Jose Member Party, and share your idea at our Urbanist Video Booth.

Or send us your idea by email or social media. Your submission should clearly state your radical idea and how it would benefit San Jose. Please include your name and your connection to San Jose (resident, employee, school board member, etc.). Your project statement should be 100 words or less and may include a photo of you or a photo relevant to your suggestion. Short videos (30 seconds max) are also encouraged.

The deadline for submissions is July 10. Submissions can be emailed to [email protected] (with "Radical Idea for SJ" in the subject line) or posted on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #SPURSJRadical. You are welcome to send us more than one submission, but please make sure you only include one idea per submission.

We look forward to hearing your vision for the future of San Jose.