Summarizing our Open House Feedback
June 30, 2014

Open House attendees listen to presentations at SPUR's Ocean Beach Open House. Photo credit Shannon Fiala.

On Saturday May 10th, SPUR hosted a public update and open house about ongoing efforts to implement the Ocean Beach Master Plan. These include the Ocean Beach Coastal Management Framework, Ocean Beach Transportation Study, and Ocean Beach Open Space Design. Thanks very much to everyone who provided feedback on the Ocean Beach implementation projects. We were able to capture your valuable comments, ideas and remarks through the comment forms, boards and post-it notes at our Open House and also via email . For a complete compendium of public feedback, see photos from the open house here and check out the attachments below.

We received a lot of encouraging comments on the emerging ideas and solutions, and of course some concerns as well. The most popular comments were as follows:

Coastal Management Framework
•    Support for the project direction, as summarized in this animated sequence
•    Concern about costs of coastal protection measures
•    Questions about the efficacy of the proposed structural measures

Transportation Study
•    Support for closing the Great Highway South of Sloat and providing a coastal trail
•    Strong concern about providing additional parking on the Upper Great Highway,
     particularly the likelihood of attracting more people and activity
•    Mixed support and concern about narrowing the GH between Lincoln and Sloat
•    Enthusiastic support for roundabouts, especially at Sloat and Skyline
•    Support for reconfiguration of Sloat Boulevard to improve recreation, safety, and
     environmental performance
•    Desire for analysis showing traffic performance of recommended changes
•    Desire for coastal access parking, especially during interim stages

Open Space Design
•    Enthusiastic support for coastal trail south of Sloat Boulevard, and the improved
     connection between open spaces
•    Preference for ‘Scenario 2,’ the option emphasizing access and environmental
      restoration over maximum parking south of Sloat
•    Preference for natural materials in landscape design, including dark skies
•    Support for bike parking
•    Interest in temporary artwork, but not permanent installations

All your comments are valuable and much appreciated by the project teams. This feedback will help us refine our work in progress on the three Ocean Beach Implementation studies. Once again, thank you for your interest and active participation, and check back here for future project updates.

Selected Comments:

“This idea to plan for erosion events before they happen is a huge step forward - good job!”

“Remove the asphalt that is falling in the ocean.”

“Preserve Dark Skies!”

“Great! Would love to have connection to Fort Funston."

“NO MORE PARKING ON GREAT HIGHWAY…It is not necessary to further the goals of the OB Master Plan.”

“I like the consolidation of recreational activities to the safer side of the street near the Zoo.”

“Go for it - GO!!”

“This is a quiet village-like neighborhood, full of surfers, walkers, and joggers, many of whom know each other at least by face if not name.  Parking areas and attendant services between Lincoln Way and Sloat (especially south of Noriega) will make this stretch a destination like Ocean Beach around Fulton.”  

“The idea of the proposed roundabouts presents a masterful approach to solving the these chaotic intersections. Pure genius.”

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