June 2022 Voter Guide

Ballot analysis and recommendations

SPUR analyzed all local and state measures on the San Francisco, San José and Oakland ballots for the June 2022 election. Our analysis includes the background behind the measures, pros and cons, and a recommendation on how to vote.

Purpose and Process

The goal of the SPUR Voter Guide is to offer objective analysis and advise voters on which measures will deliver real solutions.

SPUR analyzes all city measures in San Francisco, San José and Oakland, as well as regional and California state measures. The June 2022 ballot does not include any regional or state ballot measures.

For each city, a subcommittee of the SPUR board (Ballot Analysis Committee or Policy Advisory Board) serves to hear arguments on both sides of the relevant measures, debate the merits of each and provide recommendations to the relevant SPUR city board of directors. Each board must then reach a 60 percent vote to determine the final SPUR recommendation on a given ballot measure. The boards voted on the relevant measures on the following dates:

San Francisco Board of Directors: May 4, 2022

San José Board of Directors: May 7, 2022

Oakland Board of Directors: May 6, 2022


San Francisco Ballot Analysis Committee:  Michaela Cassidy, Jim Chappell, Sarah Dennis Phillips, Tamsen Drew, Don Falk, Tyra Fennell, Diane Filippi, Bob Gamble, Ed Harrington, Vince Hoenigman, Ariane Hogan, Aaron Johnson, Jim Lazarus, Roscoe Mapps, Molly Turner and Shin-pei Tsay

San José Ballot Analysis Committee: Anil Babbar, Melissa Hippard, Barbara Marshman, Kelly Snider, Leah Toeniskoetter, Geri Wong

Oakland Policy Advisory Board: Ahmed Ali Bob, Gloria Bruce, Deb Boyer, Lynette Dias, Elisse Douglass, Morten Jensen, Lewis Knight, Ken Lowney, Josh Simon, Robert Wilkins

SPUR Staff: Paloma Sisneros-Lobato, Fred Buzo, Anne Christie, Jacob Denney, Katie Ettman, Nick Josefowitz, Sarah Karlinsky, Grecia Marquez-Nieblas, Erika Pinto, Sujata Srivastava, Madison Tam

Editors: Valerie Sinzdak, Karen Steen, Colleen Valles

Copy editor: Sheryl Kaskowitz

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