November 2013 Voter Guide

Analysis and voting recommendations for the November 2013 ballot

Voter Guide

Four city measures appear on the San Francisco ballot on November 5, 2013. As we do before every election, SPUR researched and analyzed each one. Our Ballot Analysis Committee heard arguments from both sides of the issues, debated the measures’ pros and cons, and provided recommendations to our Board of Directors. The board then voted, with a 60 percent vote required for SPUR to make a recommendation. Below is a summary of our positions on these measures. Download the complete voter guide for our in-depth analysis.


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SPUR's Positions at a Glance:

City Measure Name SPUR Position
PROP. A Retiree Health Care Yes
PROP. B 8 Washington Initiative Yes
PROP. C 8 Washington Referendum Yes
PROP. D Prescription Drug Pricing No

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