November 2004 Voter Guide

Analysis and recommendations for the November 2004 ballot

Voter Guide


Fourteen City measures and one Regional measure appear on the San Francisco ballot on November 2, 2004 . As we do each election, SPUR has thoroughly analyzed every measure. Our Ballot Analysis Committee met with representatives of both sides of the issues, debated the merits, and provided recommendations to the full Board of Directors. The Board then considered each measure. It takes a 60 percent vote of the Board to make a recommendation.

A well-meaning proposition isn't enough to earn an endorsement?it needs to propose a viable fix to a real problem. Ill-considered and politically motivated measures always end up on the ballot, but they don't have to become law.

For each of these fifteen measures we asked: is it necessary and appropriate to be on the ballot? Is it practical, and if enacted, will it achieve the result it proposes? And most importantly, we ask if it is a worthy goal, one that will make San Francisco a better place to live for everyone.


SPUR Ballot Analysis Committee