Proposition F - Entertainment Commission Appointments

Voter Guide
This measure appeared on the November 2002 San Francisco ballot.


What it does

This is a companion measure to legislation already approved by the Board and Mayor that creates a new Entertainment Commission with primary responsibility for permitting places of entertainment. What is at stake in the proposed charter change is not establishment of a commission, but only a narrow question regarding commission governance.

Why it is on the ballot

Historically, the police department has been responsible for the permitting of places of entertainment, as well as for enforcement of permit restrictions. The Board of Supervisors with signature of the Mayor recently enacted legislation to create an Entertainment Commission to take over the permitting portion of this equation. The Commission is also responsible for promoting San Francisco as an entertainment destination and balancing the interests of business owners/operators, patrons, and residents.

The Charter allows creation of new commissions by ordinance and lays out a set governance structure, consisting of seven members appointed by the Mayor. Any change in this method of appointment requires a Charter change. Such a change is proposed by Prop F.

SPUR's analysis

The Entertainment Commission, as it is currently formulated, consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor. Under Prop F, the Commission would still be made up of seven members. However, the Mayor would appoint four members and the Board three. Members would sit for fixed 4-year terms.


Those who support the measure state:

  • Shared appointment powers between the Board and Mayor is a good thing. 


Those who oppose the measure state:

  • Accountability for administrative activity should rest more completely with the Mayor.

SPUR strongly supported the major charter overhaul of the 1990s that increased mayoral accountability and SPUR has routinely opposed recent proposals to share the appointment process between the Board and the Mayor.

SPUR recommends a "No" vote on Proposition F.