Rooted and Growing

SPUR’s anti-displacement agenda for the Bay Area

SPUR Report
Rooted and Growing Report Cover

The Bay Area's severe housing shortage has sent prices through the roof, pushing many long-standing residents to move to the edge of the region or leave it altogether. This has changed the demographics of the region, contributing to patterns of resegregation by both race and income. What can the Bay Area do to make sure it retains its people, its communities and its culture?

New housing production will be vitally necessary to accommodate the Bay Area’s future growth over the next 50 years. But it is just as important to ensure that the people who live here today have a chance at remaining in their communities.

This report focuses on the steps needed to support both people and neighborhoods. Local jurisdictions will need to actively plan to reduce or eliminate displacement impacts. Local, regional and state government should align tax policies and incentives to reduce speculation in the housing market. Cities across the region must strengthen tenant protections. And government at all levels should foster the creation of places where people of different races, incomes and life experiences all feel like they belong.

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