More for Less

How to plan and deliver the Bay Area’s major transit projects in less time, for less money and with better public value

SPUR Report
More for Less Report Cover

Around the world, building major transit projects is notoriously difficult. Yet the Bay Area has an especially poor track record: Major transit projects here regularly take decades from start to finish, and our project costs rank among the highest in the world.

To see the next generation of major transit infrastructure projects built more quickly and cost-effectively, the Bay Area will need to change the way it governs and plans them. In our new report More for Less, SPUR offers 10 policy proposals that will save time, save money and add up to a reliable, integrated and frequent network that works better for everyone.

Our recommendations include establishing a single organization that would deliver all of the region’s most significant projects. Our companion report, Infrastructure Bay Area, details a proposal for this new institution.