A Roadmap for Regional Good Food Purchasing

How the Bay Area's public institutions are working together to build a better food system

report cover with photo of school cafeteria employees serving food to students

San Francisco Bay Area public institutions including schools, jails, and hospitals are working to align their spending with the five core values of the national Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP), procuring food that is local, sustainable, fair, humane, and healthy. Launched by SPUR, in collaboration with the Center for Good Food, the San Francisco Bay Area Local Food Purchasing Collaborative is a partnership of 12 institutions that together spend more than $40 million annually on food. By combining purchasing power, each member of the collaborative gains greater leverage to meet its values-based food purchasing goals.

SPUR worked with the collaborative to prepare this roadmap and toolkit of resources to assist policy makers and advocates interested in approaching values-based procurement as a region. It charts a vision forward for the Bay Area and can serve as a model for other regions. Good Food Purchasing Program implementers can reference both general and sector-specific toolkits to support getting started with values-based procurement.