Different Together: The 2022 State of SPUR Address

SPUR President and CEO Alicia John-Baptiste speaking at a podium with the SPUR logo in white on a blue background

SPUR President and CEO Alicia John-Baptiste addressing the Board of Directors at their annual retreat

As we welcome a new fiscal year at SPUR, we are looking to the future with renewed optimism for what the Bay Area can become. The past two years have been a time of significant change, both individually and for our communities. As we begin to re-emerge and reconnect with each other, we have an opportunity to engage with each other differently — to remember what we’ve been through and what we’ve learned, and to choose to be different together.

In this year's State of SPUR address, given at our annual Board of Directors retreat in March, SPUR President and CEO Alicia John-Baptiste reflected on the past few years and looked ahead to how we can build on what we've learned, so that the region's future is one in which all people thrive.


Watch the State of SPUR address: