Good Government Awards 2019: Child Support Services Team Pilots a New Approach to Collecting Child Support
March 11, 2019

Left to Right: Kathy Fong Chen, Lisa Saporito, Mary Alatorre, Freda Randolph Glenn

The 2019 Good Government Awards, held on March 6, recognized outstanding job performance of those serving the City and County of San Francisco.


Through collaboration, commitment to success, strong organizational skills and effective communication, this dynamic, interdisciplinary team piloted a new approach to addressing delinquent child support so that parents can focus their financial attention on their children. The Debt Relief Program posits that, in the absence of debt owed on delinquent support payments, participating noncustodial parents can pay their ongoing child support obligations more consistently and increase visitation time with their children. The Debt Relief Team successfully helped parents by developing the pilot program, recruiting participants, building parents’ financial capability and enabling a payment system on their behalf.


2019 Good Government Awards: Child Support Services Team from SPUR on Vimeo.


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