Good Government Awards 2018: How Kelly Cornell Helped Create a Long-Term Plan for SF's Urban Forests

The 2018 Good Government Awards, held on March 21, recognized outstanding job performance of those serving the City and County of San Francisco.

Kelly Cornell, the Chief Urban Forester of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, was honored for setting San Francisco on course for a long-term tree-management plan unachieved by any other major city. He is recognized as an operational leader in a career where success requires diligent teamwork, strategic leadership and deft budgeting.

At the city's Camp Mather, in the Sierra, he steered land management work, which is essential to the long-term health of the forest, and guided preservation of the city’s beloved Sierra family camp. Closer to home, Kelly initiated important work to preserve Golden Gate Park’s century-old Redwood Grove. In creating the department’s Green Waste Diversion program, which composts all park green waste into top-quality compost and mulch, Kelly is recognized as the city’s top performer in waste stream diversion.


2018 Good Government Awards: Kelly Cornell from SPUR on Vimeo.


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