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New Funding to Amend the San Francisco Local Coastal Program

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Local Coastal Programs (LCPs) are the land use plans that regulate the coastal zone as defined in the Coastal Act of 1976. San Francisco designed its own Local Coastal Program in 1984 to ensure the continued enjoyment of ocean views and open spaces for residents and visitors alike. LCPs are approved by the CA Coastal Commission and then adopted as part of a city's General Plan. The advent of climate-induced sea level rise gives the LCP a new urgency.  

The San Francisco Planning Department recently secured $173,850 from the California Coastal Commission and the Ocean Protection Council to amend the Western Shoreline Area Plan (San Francisco's Local Coastal Program) to incorporate climate change and sea-level rise. The Planning Department will lead the Local Coastal Program amendment effort and, working closely with stakeholders, capitalize on the collaborative foundation built through the multi-stakeholder Ocean Beach Master Plan process, which culminated in the 2012 Ocean Beach Master Plan.

The Planning Department expects the planning process to commence in early 2015. The first year of the project will be dedicated to public engagement, with numerous public workshops and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders. The second year will focus on shepherding the draft amendments through the approvals process, which includes the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors, and the California Coastal Commission. This is important and much needed work to account for the significant changes along our coastline related to sea level rise and chart a path forward to the long-term management and protection of San Francisco’s coastal resources.