Invade the Armory
October 8, 2009

SPUR members toured the Mission Armory, the 200,000 square foot Moorish Castle Reproduction completed in 1914.  From it's completion until 1976, the Armory was used as a National Guard facility, and later joined the National Register of Historic Places.

Drill Court

The drill court, spanning nearly an acre, served not only as a military training facility, but also as boxing arena, and hall for social events for the City's national guardsmen.  Future use as a community space will be managed by The Armory Community Center (TACC).

Drill Court 2

The interior space contains 160 rooms grossing 190,300 square feet.  Decor ranges from utilitarian to the more decorative, as seen in the Main Entrance Hall:

Entrance Hall

Filming By CyberEntertainmnet, Inc, which acquired the Armory in 2006, occupied many areas of the Armory, sadly restricting the SPUR visit.  Tours conducted by employees of CyberEntertainment are offered the 2nd Friday of the month.  For more information, please visit:

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