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Channeling Christo

Yesterday we staged a dress rehearsal for our big day next Thursday—when we'll unveil the Urban Center to over 1,000 people at our grand opening celebration. The scene caused quite a stir on this once-sleepy 600-block of Mission. Cars slowed; sidewalks filled; the Peet's patron paused. Sudden gusts of wind caused only minor complications, and leant a certain drama to the occasional glimpse of our bright orange beacon (designed, along with most of the other building graphics, by local graphics firm public.)


Despite some unresolved questions (should we raise or drop the veil??), it all went smoothly, thanks to SPUR staffer Virginia Grandi's hard-core Burner-friend, Tamo Hulva, a master seamstress who spent the last week holed up in her studio piecing together large swaths of fabric in time for the test run. (Can't wait to see how she works the fabric into her camp installation this September.) More pics here. Not sure the unveiling of our nonprofit digs will ever match the spectacle of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "Wrapped Kunsthalle," but no doubt it was the source of inspiration. See you next week!