San Francisco Good Government Awards 2022

San Francisco City Hall cupola against a blue sky with text that reads 41st Annual Good Government Awards


2022 Good Government Awards 

Join SPUR at the 41st Annual Good Government Awards. This is a rare opportunity to recognize the people who exemplify the highest standards of public service. The 2022 Honorees reflect the City's herculean Covid-19 emergency response efforts; with eight teams, comprising of 54 individuals representing 19 departments.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Cocktail Reception and Awards Ceremony

San Francisco City Hall, North Light Court


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Citywide Emergency Leadership

Extraordinary contributions to the City's coordinated emergency response to the public health pandemic. 

Adrienne Bechelli, Emergency Management

Ayanna Bennett, Department of Public Health

Andres Power, Mayor's Office

Jesse Smith, City Attorney

Public Health Emergency Operations 

Development, implementation, and management of massive new demands and required services for the City's public health system.

Carla Beak, Controller's Office

Jacque McCright, Department of Public Health

Andrew Murrell, Department of Public Health

Baljeet Sangha, Department of Public Health

Jonathan Sears, Department of Public Health

Eduardo Sida, Department of Public Health

Tobi Skotnes, Department of Public Health

Alternate Housing 

Design, implementation, and management of a new emergency housing portfolio of over 2,500 units to provide the unhoused and others with safety during the emergency.

Doris Barone, Human Services Agency

Kelly Hiramoto, Department of Public Health

Daniel Kaplan, Human Services Agency

Janice Levy, Office of the Controller

Noelle Simmons, Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Services

Robert Walsh, Human Services Agency

Esperanza Zapien,  Human Services Agency

Children and Learning 

Rapid and creative deployment of City resources to launch community learning hubs, assist with school reopening efforts, and support the needs of children during the pandemic.

Dori Caminong, Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

Shellie Cocking, San Francisco Public Library

Anne Marie Donnelly, Recreation and Park Department

Sherrice Dorsey-Smith, Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

Michelle Jeffers, San Francisco Public Library

Joseph John, Department of Technology

Ana Validzic, Department of Public Health

Public Information, Communications and Data 

Providing both the public and policy makers with accurate, timely, and useful information in an ever-changing environment where trusted information was key to city resident's safety and city leaders decision-making. 

Lizzy Connelly, Department of Public Health

Kat Daniel, Office of Economic and Workforce Development

Erica Eilenberg, Department of Public Health

Kristin Hogan, Department of Emergency Management

Deirdre Hussey, Port of San Francisco

Trang Nguyen, Public Health

Scott Tyler, City Administrator 

Francis Zamora, Department of Emergency Management

Emergency Support 

Supporting the City's overall emergency response with needed human resource, contracting, financial, logistics and technology support.  

Kaitlyn Azevedo, City Administrator - Entertainment

Jack Chin, Technology - SFGovTV

Mark de la Rosa, Controller's Office

Kate Howard, Department of Human Resources

Nam Li, City Administrator - Real Estate

Taraneh Moayed, City Administrator - Contract Administration

Economic Stabilization 

Planning and implementing efforts to stabilize the City's economy and the infrastructure that supports it during the emergency.

Robin Abad, Planning Department

Laurel Arvanitidis, Economic Development

Ronda Chu, San Francisco International Airport

Andre Coleman, Port of San Francisco

Heather Green, City Administrator

George Louie, SFMTA

Natasha Mihal, Controller's Office

Monica Munowitch, SFMTA

Equity and Community Response 

Ensuring equitable access to needed city services to the most impacted San Franciscans during the pandemic.

Isela Ford, Department of Public Health

De'Anthony Jones, Human Rights

Jackie Ortiz, Mayor's Office

Tracey Packer, Department of Public Health

Diana Ponce de Leon, Economic Development

Valerie Tulier-Laiwa, SFPUC

Aaron Yen, Department of Public Health




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